Server Monitor with Hyperic

Server Monitor with Hyperic does a complete surveillance of an ENOVIA system – minimizing costly system stops and crashes. It monitors performance, availability, utilization and throughput connected with alarms.

Keep your production environment healthy!

TechniaTranscat has over the years developed a number of Best Practices and tools for configuring, troubleshooting and monitoring of ENOVIA systems. Server Monitor is a sampling tool that presents its result in both CSV log files and also publishes the sample data in MBeans reachable through JMX from for instance Hyperic to be able to monitor and alarm.

It will keep track of how long threads have been running and what have been executed. Java heap and ENOVIA core memory is measured and visualized.

Server Monitor with Hyperic also monitors the consumption of licenses on the license server and keeps track on any blocking locks in the database.

Moreover, it checks availability of environments and also response times for configurable custom MQL queries.

Technical information

  • Complete ENOVIA infrastructure surveillance visibility
  • Sampling of ~40 ENOVIA specific core metrics
  • Measure response times, data growth, license consumption
  • Trace information for long running requests, database blocks.

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