LiteDrop is a process application based on the TechniaTranscat JT viewer LiteBox3D.

IP Protection and Simplification

LiteDrop functions provide an easy management of JT files content to

  • control and manage IP by removing sensitive information and geometry
  • remove unnecessary content for further file size reduction
  • detect and remove non-visible parts for enhanced viewing performance

LiteDrop is able to delete B-Rep and LOD elements, parts, sub-assemblies, PMIs (tolerances) and properties. LiteDrop Interactive enables to reduce JT files interactively right in LiteBox3D. Automatic reduction - through an easy configuration – can be operated in the background with LiteDrop Batch to adapt JT data when released or loaded in any other applications. Thus, LiteDrop supports the Master JT File concept in which a single JT file contains all process required information. Depending on the process (e.g.  JT is distributed or opened in a separate application), LiteDrop adapts the master JT file to its individual use case, automatically.

Master JT file vs Process specific content & IP

LiteDropProcess on the Transcat PLM website

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Download Flyer

LiteBox3D Desktop

LiteBox3D is an easy to use JT viewer, based on the specification of the JT ISO standard. Moreover PLMXML, STEP AP242 XML and TIFF files are supported. This free of cost desktop viewer can be extended with add-on applications for IP protection, model comparison and quality validation. LiteBox3D Pro extends the capabilities of the free viewer with redlining, 3DHTML export, etc. For further details refer to the feature list below.


LiteComply checks whether the JT models are in line with the development policies of customers regarding geometry, structure and methodology and thereby meet the requirements for the follow-up processes.


xCompare compares CATIA V5, SMG and JT data, to find differences in two revisions of products, parts and drawings or to verify the conversion process.

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