FACC is Flying High with Q-Checker, myPLM and CATIA

Virtual Product Development in Aviation

No other enterprise in the aviation industry supplies such a high quantity of lightweight components for so many aircrafts as FACC. The enterprise is considered a pioneer in composite technology. It dedicates its passion to the development and production of components and systems made of composite materials. In this field, FACC uses software solutions made by Transcat PLM (now a part of TechniaTranscat) and the design software CATIA. Q-Checker ensures the compliance with data quality standards and verifies design guidelines. myPLM considerably simplifies the system maintenance and updating of the various CAx applications.  

The sophisticated FACC lightweight solutions allow for safety and for the reduction of weight but also for comfort and reduction of noise in passenger, transport and business aircrafts as well as in helicopters. For more than 10 years, FACC has successfully developed and designed these highly complex composite components for the aviation industry by using solutions made by Transcat PLM and Dassault Systèmes. CATIA is one of the standard software solutions for virtual product development in the aviation industry.

An essential reason for the decision to cooperate with Transcat PLM as a partner in development and design was its in-house software development department and its solutions, the continuity for a long-term cooperation, the international presence and the short geographical distance to FACC. Additionally, Transcat PLM is the market leader in the distribution of  Dassault Systèmes solutions and can therefore offer the appropriate portfolio based on experience, new technology and innovation.

Transcat PLM are applied on the premises of FACC in various departments and fields. myPLM, for example, provides predefined environments to simplify the selection of the appropriate OEM CATIA environment by the users and the compliance with the required guidelines. "The application of myPLM means enormous simplification of cooperation, both internally and with the client. This tools is a useful support to us on all sites in the compliance with specified and manifold system configurations, the fast rollout and the management of additional software packages and new releases", says Werner Strobl, group leader PLM & CAX of FACC.

Q-checker ensures compliance with the data quality standards required by the client and the verification of construction guidelines on the premises of FACC.  This data quality product developed by Transcat PLM also guarantees compliance with internal requirements.

"Complex tasks require strong and innovative partners. With Transcat PLM, we have chosen a reliable long-term partner with the suitable mix of products, solutions and services. It covers special subjects, such as composite design, electrical and aerospace sheet metal, but also many additional subjects", explains Werner Strobl.

Photos: Copyright FACC