Apparel Optimizer

The Apparel Optimizer is the solution to handle product development within the apparel industry. After careful dissection of the business needs of the apparel and fashion industries, TechniaTranscat developed the Apparel Optimizer package, based on the ENOVIA Apparel Accelerator offering from Dassault Systèmes. The result – a user friendly ready to use solution, tailored for the apparel industry.

The Apparel Optimizer package, based on the ENOVIA Apparel Accelerator from Dassault Systèmes, is designed to handle all the data and processes surrounding product development in the apparel industry – from idea to ready-to-produce product. Managing and controlling the parameters related to the product development of fashion items is a big task. These parameters include details like colors, materials, buttons, zippers, threading and finishings, as well as more high-level issues like supplier collaboration, control of deadlines, quality and CSR issues. Multiply this by measurements in small, medium, large and XL and you start to see the challenges these companies are facing in their daily business.

Doing the right things from the beginning reduces errors. Add this to other parameters with which seasonal line is concerned and the complexity of the apparel industry becomes readily apparent. A fashion company working without the Apparel Optimizer would soon be burdened by a mass of independent documents like Excel spread sheets being emailed around. It would be difficult to know who has the latest information.

With this system we have one central repository, one source of the truth. In addition, it offers total visibility and traceability. One of the user-friendly advantages of using Apparel Optimizer is that the specifics of a particular product are already input into the system. For a user, this means that popup windows are easily navigated-back-to and clicks are kept to a minimum.

We know a T-shirt is a T-shirt. With the help of the industry we have identified the specific parameters for each type of apparel and built the best practice routines around them. The Technia Apparel solution makes the whole process of concept development from an idea to a product ready-to-produce really smooth and can be a real time saver in the long run.

Implementation of the Apparel Optimizer package is trouble-free and fast since it demands very little customization.