TechniaTranscat hires new Business Area Director for Consumer and Retail

March 08, 2017

STOCKHOLM, March 8, 2017 -  Addnode Group’s subsidiary TechniaTranscat, a world leading provider of PLM solutions, has hired Mattias Norin as its new Business Area Director for Consumer and Retail. The new addition is part of TechniaTranscat’s increased efforts to make PLM more accessible to companies in both sectors.

Mattias Norin is an industry expert who has spent eight years as a management consultant for Accenture and 12 years with Swedish supply chain specialists Sonat. His vast experience within the consumer goods and retail industries will help TechniaTranscat’s customers develop their business through Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

“There is great potential for PLM solutions to help businesses in the consumer and retail industries grow their profits by increasing margins and cost efficiency. We have both the systems and the industry knowledge that can help companies meet new challenges in a time of increased competition and government regulations,” says Mattias Norin. 

PLM systems have traditionally been more frequently used in industries like automotive, construction and telecom. But they are steadily becoming more popular among consumer goods and retail companies looking for better ways to ensure compliance with increased regulations on traceability throughout a product’s lifecycle. 

Retail companies are also increasing their focus on adapting a circular economic model to make their business more sustainable, an area where PLM can be used as an enabler.

“We think our systems can be a driving force for companies who are looking to make the switch to a circular economy, which is quickly becoming the blueprint for how to move forward within the industry,” says Mattias Norin.

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Mattias Norin

Business Area Director Consumer & Retail

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