Webinar: Proactive 3DEXPERIENCE operation - How to ANALYSE and ACT on patterns and system behaviours

  • Get an insight in what can be done with some of the tools in the TechniaTranscat portfolio related to PLM operations.
  • Two of our most senior experts will share some of their experience in that area.
  • Best practice project routines and tools to use to be successful.
  • Do's and don’ts.

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Tuesday, December 4th 2018

9am - 10am CET

5pm - 6pm CET

Presenter: Anders Axelsson

Business Development Executive, TechniaTranscat

Anders Axelsson is a Product Owner within TechniaTranscat Software Division. He has 15 years of experience from PLM implementations and software development related to PLM across a wide range of industries. Anders mission is to simplify adaption of PLM by guiding the R&D teams on where to go with our unique and gap own software products and constantly interact with our customers and stakeholders.


Presenter: Marcus Larsson

Marcus Larsson is managing one global R&D department within TechniaTranscat's Software Division. He has 17 years of experience from PLM implementations and software development. Marcus has a deep technical knowledge and been orchestrating many of the larger TechniaTranscat projects during his career.