Webinar on Demand: CATIA 3D Master - get your 3D environment to deliver greater quality and at a lower cost

April 01, 2016

  • “Our products are designed in 3D, so why do we still need to create and manage hundreds of 2D drawings and documents?"
  • “Our programs are delayed as errors are discovered late in the process?"
  • “My engineers complain about spending too much time creating and updating drawings”
  • “I outsource drafting, but I worry about the risk to company 'know how'”
  • “We spend a lot of time explaining drawings to our customers and subcontractors… but they still make errors due to misunderstanding.”  

Do you recognize any of the challenges above? Get the answers during this webinar!

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Presenter: Johan Schenning


 +46 (0) 73 377 24 68