Value Components for Developers

In the TVC (Technia Value Components) for Developers training the student will learn how to build custom functionality on-top of TVC, how to use the TVC API to create scalable and well-performing applications that are upgradeable and sustainable.

Course Topics

  • Understand the TVC architecture
    - Model View Controller (MVC)
    - TVC Plugins
    - Context handling
    - Ajax framework
  • Working with tables
    - Data Handlers – for fast and efficient work with complex data
    - Cell Renderer – being able to render complex data in different formats
    - Table Renderer – Customize how tables are rendered
    - Cell Editor + Updater– Influence the in-cell-edit.
  • Creating custom Expanders
  • Learn how to build TVC Plugins
  • Understand the TVC API (mainly TVC Core)
  • Building dialog pages
  • Building tabbed pages
  • Building Side-Panel Pages
  • Advanced configuration and extension of system functionality

Target Group

Java developer with ENOVIA competence


  • Business Administration, MQL and ADK training or equivalent on-the-job experience
  • TVC Configuration


TVC Configurations trainings are divided in to two stand-alone modules

  • 2 days

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